For more than two decades, “Compudraft”, the sister company of the American “Prodraft, inc.”, has been establishing its reputation as a prestigious and elite steel construction company, focusing on completing projects on time in an economical and error-free way. The personal approach of our employees and the ability to adapt to the needs of customers has created valuable and long-term collaboration with many well-known leaders in the steel industry. Our international teams of trained engineers are specialized in the highly advanced Tekla Structures software for three-dimensional design with BIM compatibility.


Our company employs over 70 highly educated structural engineers with degrees from prestigious European universities. Some of them have been with Compudraft since its beginning, now with over 20 years of experience and others have only recently begun their journey with steel detailing, giving a fresh perspective and innovative approach to the process. Divided into teams, our employees work in a comfortable and friendly environment, where teamwork and focus create a precise outcome.

Technology and software

Being up-to-date with the latest computer technology, our engineers coordinate their work with well-known groups associated with construction engineering using Tekla Structures software to create specialized fabrication drawings.

Our company is constantly improving work optimization in Tekla Structures software and helps in creating modern technological solutions for detailing. We also participated in the evaluation of programs for the needs of the Autodesk group.

Cooperation with technologically advanced steel manufacturers has expanded our experience with BIM technology, allowing for developed coordination with other construction industries. We prepare documentation for the delivery, fabrication and erection of a building for every single element of the steel structure and data that can be imported directly into smart machines and specialized computer software.