Prodraft is proud to be a part of this prominent structure enhancing the skyline of Philadelphia, Pa. This skyscraper, at the time of its construction is not only the tallest building in Philadelphia, but it is the ninth-tallest building and the tallest building outside Manhattan and Chicago in the United States. On the top floors, you can find the highest located hotel in the United States. This project was so enormous the 3-D model had to be split into three separate projects, with additional structures to support cranes.

This project was presented during Steel Day 2017, an annual celebration of the structural steel industry sponsored by AISC. This event allows construction and design professionals, students and others to learn more about the structural steel industry by visiting projects, facilities and firms which host a variety of tours and events all across the country.

A world-class building, designed by a world-class architect, built by a world-class developer for a world-class company, all happening in the world-class city of Philadelphia. This building will serve as yet another physical monument to the transformation of this city (..) Congratulations to all involved in this project” – Michael A. Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia

It [the building] says we’re committed to Philadelphia, we’re committed to technology, and we’re committed to the talent – that’s what I like about it” – Tony G. Werner, President of Technology and Product for Comcast